The company STAHL - Removal Services was founded in 1990 as a family business without foreign participation. We started removals with one removals vehicle, an SD 11 with a volume of 30 m3. Within a year we had expanded the vehicle fleet by a SD 11 with a volume of 40 m3, two AVIA vans and one LIAZ. These vehicles already featured a professional removals extension built to order. We bought the necessary tools for the professional disassembly and re-assembly of furniture. We acquired the equipment for facilitating heavy work and speeding up the removals. Many of these aids were produced on the basis of our personal experience of the work of our company. In 1992 the statues of the company STAHL - Removals Services were changed and the company became a limited liability company. In 1993 the vehicle fleet grew by two LIAZ vehicles and a large articulated trailer. At the same time was began renting a larger parking area for our vehicles. In the first half of the 90s we used wrapping materials available on the domestic market.




a free inspection and price estimate (a Work Contract is drawn up) 
furniture and PCs are labelled (before the move, for correct positioning
    in the new address) 
containers are supplied for waste and shredded material (sorted out
    before the move, after agreement with the customer containers are
    distributed with a volume of 500 l to the individual floors of the building
packaging material is supplied and distributed amongst the offices 
items are packed in closed boxes, pictures and notice-boards are wrapped
PCs are disconnected, wrapped, and placed in special wooden cases with lids 
    (we also use wooden boxes when transporting servers of all sizes) 
a list of items to be moved is drawn up for every employee of the customer 
furniture is dismantled, shelves and keys removed, doors sealed against accidental
    opening during handling 
furniture is loaded up 
furniture is loaded into the vehicles and fastened against movement
furniture is positioned and distributed according to plan, furniture is reassembled,
    shelves and keys replaced, 
a check is carried out to ensure proper functioning 
computers are loaded up and transported, wrapped and packed in wooden boxes 
computers positioned according to their place on the distribution plan, PCs unpacked
    and re-connected 
boxes and other items loaded up - transported to the appointed place
    (in the event of the volume of the removal being small  and the load fitting into
    one vehicle, the items are loaded in the following order: boxes, PCs, other items and
    finally furniture, in order that its assembly can be carried out on arrival) 
boxes and other items are unloaded and positioned according to the plan
    (boxes are unwrapped after agreement with the customer) 
check is carried out before hand over according to the list of items to be moved
    drawn up by the firm STAHL 
items handed over to the customer according to the list 
unnecessary packaging material is removed to stockroom

If the customer requests it we shall draw up a plan of the distribution of the furniture

The complete list of the offered services is listed here /Offered services/

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