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At present the firm is the largest removals firm in the Czech Republic. We speak with our customers about the quality of the services provided by our company and, on the basis of their feedback, we know that our employees are carrying out work of high quality. The satisfaction of our customers motivates us to strive to achieve even better results and to continue to improve our work. This may be in the sphere of the packaging of the items to be moved, the use of new wrapping materials, regular quality control checks of the work being carried out by our employees, and also the owners of the company STAHL, because this is the way that STAHL will achieve the best reputation on the market for removal services.

The company STAHL - Removal Services was founded in 1990 as a family business without foreign participation. We started removals with one removals vehicle, an SD 11 with a volume of 30 m3. Within a year we had expanded the vehicle fleet by a SD 11 with a volume of 40 m3, two AVIA vans and one LIAZ. These vehicles already featured a professional removals extension built to order. We bought the necessary tools for the professional disassembly and re-assembly of furniture. We acquired the equipment for facilitating heavy work and speeding up the removals. Many of these aids were produced on the basis of our personal experience of the work of our company. In 1992 the statues of the company STAHL - Removals Services were changed and the company became a limited liability company. In 1993 the vehicle fleet grew by two LIAZ vehicles and a large articulated trailer. At the same time was began renting a larger parking area for our vehicles. In the first half of the 90s we used wrapping materials available on the domestic market. As soon as a wider range and quality of wrapping materials appeared we began to avail ourselves of these new opportunities and started using high quality packaging in our work. We concentrated above all on the quality of the services provided and the use of quality wrapping materials. In this way we began to acquire a good name on the market and acquire more and more orders from well-known firms and individuals. In 1996 our offer won a competition to find a company capable of moving 70 kilometres of books of the collection held in the National Library. In order to move such a quantity of books we developed our own technology. We use specially adapted vehicles, manufactured by our firm, which best satisfy the conditions for moving the book collection and guarantee maximum economy and correct classification of the collection. In 1996 two more vans were bought. We are continuing to expand and update the vehicle fleet. In the 2001 new Mercedes-Benz, Citroen Trucks and Vans extended our fleet.  The fleet now includes the brands MERCEDES, VW, VOLVO and CITROEN. With the number of orders, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, growing, it was necessary to expand the backup facilities of the company. We bought larger premises for parking the vehicles and more suitable administrative and storage spaces. In 1997 opened a branch in Klatov, and in 1999 in Pilsen, with their own buildings for administrative and storage purposes. At present STAHL - Removals Company Ltd. employees 51 trained workers and owns 23 vehicles. The company does not use the services of temporary or voluntary workers on principle, since it is not possible, using such workers, to ensure the quality and professionalism of the removals service as we offer it and as we fully intend to continue offering it. This is especially the case when preparing rare or valuable items for transport, where considerable experience with packaging and all aspects of the handling is one of the most important.

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